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NexDroid Open Platform

The NexDroid open platform provides a multi-platform secondary development solution



NexDroid is a general-purpose, open industrial motion software platform. Based on the C++/Lua/C#/Python language interfaces provided by NexDroid, automation equipment in different industries can be quickly developed.

NexDroid supports multiple hardware and software platforms, which can be easily ported to Intel or ARM architecture hardware carriers, and is suitable for real-time operating systems such as Linux, Sylix, VXWORKS, and Guoxun Chip.

The NexDroid's motion control interface complies with the PLCopen standard and provides standard process support such as single axis, axis group, master-slave, electronic cam, etc.

Communication protocols support EtherCAT, Profinet, Modbus, TCP/IP, CCLink IE TSN, etc.

NexDroid supports OPC-UA and DDS or IEC-61499-based componentized programming models.

NexDroid can also support robot models, including more than 20 robot types such as four-axis, six-axis, and collaboration, and support customer-defined kinematics and dynamic algorithm implementation.